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〓nition, or worrying ○that they ●look too old wh〓en they see t〓hemselves in ◆the mirror," he s○aid."We can r●elate to thes■e things, and the■ power of thi○s ability to relat●e is multiplied wh■en it crosses ling■uistic and c○ultural barr■iers. When yo○u can see th〓is commonalit■y, you are less li○kely to dehum〓anize someone from■ another culture● with stereoty●pes and prejud■ice, and this c〓ould help diminish◆ a lot of hatred a■nd violence," he■ said.In today'■s highly vi■sual, digital c〓ulture, the◆ challenge is "how t〓o get literatur○e in front of○ people," Laugh○lin said."We are a◆ll still reading■. Our relationsh●ip with pa●per is chang〓ing...the amount of● reading ha〓ppening on screen●s is surprisingly vo○luminous, incl■uding my own,"● he said. "S◆o it's abo◆ut us helping it pro〓liferate through 〓social media, wit〓h hashtags and t○hrough opinion inf●luencers."Scie◆nce fiction from Ch◆ina, which ◆is highly li○terary, has a l○ot of mome●ntum in digita●l culture, espe◆cially now ●that it is com○ing out in mo〓vie form such as○ The Wandering Ea○rth, he noted.H○e said Liu Cix●in's fiction●al worlds, s〓uch as t

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he one in th◆e Three Body Probl〓em, point to ■the past h●istory and cultu●re, and invi◆te readers to exp◆lore further.Simila○rly, gamers■ may encounter Th○e Three Kingdo●ms, a 14th-century● historical ◆novel considere●d as one o●f the Four G●reat Classical ■Novels of Chi■nese literat◆ure, in the f■orm of a game,■ and it and o◆ther novels in the○ form of fan fict■ion, he said."I◆ don't know how muc◆h fan fiction can● lead readers bac●k to great ○original literary w◆orks, but w○e can explo■re the possi■bilities,"◆ he said. "The mo

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